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Heavy Assault in PlanetSide 2 | Iridar's Gaming Blog Heavy Assaults are bruisers of PlanetSide 2, tough as nails and with a lot of firepower. Heavy Assaults' motto is longevity and versatility. They can outlast PlanetSide 2 Glossary | Iridar's Gaming Blog Learn what are ADS, ESF, MBT, TTK, UBGL, SCU, OHK, NAR, NMG, MAX, SPM, Ghostcapping, ROF, COF, Cert, XP, HSR, Nanites, Gal drop, BASR, SASR, AMR, ADAD... PlanetSide 2 Combat Medic | Iridar's Gaming Blog Combat Medic is an effective support class, and a good combat class. His tools, abilities and weapons allow to farm certs by helping your team.

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Feb 13, 2014 · I will also be including videos I find useful for Planetside 2 as well as helpful class loadouts and valuable certifications that either I find to be useful or are recommended by others. As I post tactics I find I will attempt to use each tactic in game and find out what works and what doesn't. 1000 Slot Machine Win - Double Top Dollar Slot Video - Max

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20 shooter classes that defy classification: Page 2 Halo 4 doesn't have classes in the traditional sense, but it does have specialized loadouts. Once you've hit level 50 in the Spartan Rank progression system, you're given a choice from eight distinct classes, which have to be leveled up … PlanetSide 2 Weapon Attachments | Iridar's Gaming Blog Attachments allow to customize the weapon to serve better in a particular situation. All weapons have five attachment slots: scope, barrel, rail, ammo, camo.

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Как должно быть известно многим фанатам ожидающим MMOFPS PlanetSide 2 – сиквел к одной из самых удачных и продуманных игр этого жанра, будет распространяться без обязательной подписки... PlanetSide 2: Engineer Loadout Screen